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Are you a business owner in the Netherlands with a non-Dutch speaking background? And do you have ideas on how the Dutch government should give information to non-Dutch speaking entrepreneurs in the Netherlands?

Then go to our application form and sign up for ‘Your business in the Netherlands’, the research community set up by KVK and This online, closed research community will consist of several business owners. Your business in the Netherlands will give you the chance to tell us if what we are doing is helping you. With your help, we can improve our information for non-Dutch speaking entrepreneurs.

How does it work?

Over a period of 6 months, from January till July 2023, you will be able to discuss topics that matter to you with each other and with us. Every month, we will ask you for your input on a specific tool or set of content on one of our websites. You can give your opinion in the discussion fora on the research community, or by filling in online surveys. Because it is an online platform, you will be able to take part whenever and wherever you want: at home, after your working day, during the weekend or your lunch break. It’s up to you.

Help us get better

The research community aims to find out how the Dutch government can improve its service and information to non-Dutch speaking business owners. For instance, by offering a tool in English to select a suitable legal structure. Or by providing English-language videos and animations on how to start a business.


The community will also be a place for you to share your experiences on doing business in the Netherlands with likeminded entrepreneurs, who may have useful advice for you. Or maybe you can help them with your knowledge and experience. So, you will be expanding your network as well. And, you can receive a reward for your participation. Win-win!

Interested? Sign up!

Are you interested in taking part? Great! You can sign up by filling in our application form during the entire survey period, which lasts until July 2023. We are looking for all types of businesses: large, small, SME, and all types of entrepreneurs, from different sectors. The only conditions are that you are a non-Dutch speaking business owner who has been active in the Netherlands for no more than 2 years.