Stricter rules for laser skin treatments

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO

Effective date: not yet known

What changes?

Do you perform laser skin treatments, for example tattoo or hair removal? These treatments may only be performed by health professionals. This means qualified professionals with relevant education, for example doctors and skin therapists.

Are you a skin therapist? A dedicated register for your profession will be introduced. You will have to join the register, as is stated in the law on BIG registration. This means your profession's title will be protected and cannot be used by anyone other than a qualified skin therapist. You should observe the rules of conduct and professional practice, as you will be liable for disciplinary proceedings.

Are you neither a doctor or a skin therapist, but do you perform laser skin treatments? You will still be allowed to do so, but only under supervision of a qualified, acccountable practitioner. They will be liable for your actions if anything goes wrong.

For whom?

  • tattoo specialists
  • beauticians
  • skin therapists
  • doctors


It is not yet known when this change in law will come into effect.

Please note: The effective date of this measure is not yet final. Entry into force is subject to its passing through the upper and lower houses of parliament or proclamation of the Order in Council (Algemene Maatregel van Bestuur, AMvB) or ministerial decree and publication in the Staatsblad or Staatscourant (Government Gazette, in Dutch).

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This information is provided by

Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO