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Physical addresses in Business Register can be shielded in case of threat

This information is provided by:Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVONetherlands Enterprise Agency, RVONederlandse versieEffective date: 15 December 2022

What changes?

Are you an entrepreneur and do you want to keep your physical address confidential? It will be possible to shield the physical address of a company or legal person in the public Business Register (Handelsregister). This can be done in case of a threat, when it is undesirable that the address can be obtained by anyone.

There are 2 options to shield a physical address:

  1. The physical address of a company or legal person can be blocked if it is necessary for a person’s safety. This also applies if the physical address is not a home address.
  2. People who are under a possible threat because of their profession, can have their home address shielded. For instance journalists. For this preventive measure professional bodies must make arrangements with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KVK). This preventive shielding is not possible for the business address of private limited (bv) or public limited companies (nv).

Currently KVK shields physical addresses on request in case a person is being threatened of feels threatened. KVK anticipates the new regulation in this respect.

Sole proprietor can already shield visiting address

Are you a sole proprietor or do you want to register your sole proprietorship in het business register? KVK offers the option of shielding your visiting address. In order to this, you will need to register a postal address that is different from your home and visiting address. KVK is anticipating the new legislation.

For whom?

  • entrepreneurs who want to keep their physical address confidential
  • legal persons that want to keep their business address confidential. For instance associations and foundations, but not private or public limited companies.


This change in the Business Register decree 2008 (Handelsregisterbesluit 2008) will come into force on 15 December 2022.

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