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Investing in the Netherlands

Are you a foreign investor, and are you considering residing in the Netherlands, and making a contribution to the Dutch economy? To enter the Netherlands as a foreign investor, you need to invest (at least) €1.25M. Certain conditions apply to investing in the Netherlands.

Why invest in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands ranks among the world’s most competitive economies. Its Top Sector policy ensures government support for continuous innovation, research and growth. When it comes to infrastructure, physical as well as digital, the Netherlands has the world’s highest rating. Doing business in the Netherlands is also made easier by the fact that most Dutch people are fluent in at least one other language (usually English). These factors combined make the Netherlands a sound investment opportunity. Read also: https://www.startupdelta.org/why-the-netherlands/External link

Investing if you are a startup

Contact StartupDelta, the National Point of Entry or the Chamber of Commerce Startup Information Desk. They can help you set up your business, from applying for your startup visa to finding business premises and partners.

Investing if your company is already well underway

Contact the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA). They can assist you every step of the way, whether you want to establish or expand your company here. They also offer free-of-charge advice and hands-on support; finding business premises, finding out which taxes apply to you, finding business partners, the NFIA can help you out.