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Can my partner work in the Netherlands too? And what about day care for my children? What type of health care insurance do I need? The type of insurance you'll need depends on your personal situation. It's also possible to bring family members with you to the Netherlands.

Family health care

It's compulsory to have basic health insurance in the Netherlands. Please contact your insurance company before you leave your home country to check if your current health insurance plan will cover you during your stay in the Netherlands. If not, you'll have to take out a basic health care plan (basisverzekering) with a Dutch insurance company.

There are two forms of insurance relevant to medical care and nursing:

  • The Health Insurance Act (Zorgverzekeringswet, ZVW) covers the costs of regular medical care, e.g. general practitioner visits, hospitalisation, pharmacy prescriptions, etc. The ZVW is also referred to as basic insurance.
  • The Exceptional Medical Expenses Act (Algemene Wet Bijzondere Ziektekosten, AWBZ) covers the costs of exceptional and expensive medical care, e.g. long-term nursing and home care. The AWBZ is one of the Netherlands' national insurance schemes.

Can my partner work in the Netherlands too?

It may be possible for your family members to join you in the Netherlands if you're married, if you're in a registered partnership or if you are unmarried partners. If and under which conditions your family member is allowed to work depends on the employment status of yourself, and on your nationality.

International school & day care

Under Dutch law, all children aged five or older have to go to school. However, most children start school aged four. Parents receive a letter from their local authority when their child turns three, explaining how to enrol their child at a primary school. Because of the high expat population in the Netherlands, there are also numerous international schools and day care facilities. You'll find a listing of these on I am ExpatExternal link.

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This information is provided by

Netherlands Chamber of Commerce