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Corona: rules for re-opening businesses

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Rules and protocols for re-opening

On 6 May, the Dutch government decided to gradually relax the rules, so long as the coronavirus remains under control. To ensure this, it is vital that businesses adhere to the rules and protocols laid down by the government and their sector organisations. You can find information in the following articles:

The first step on the roadmap towards re-opening society was taken on 11 May. On that day, contact-based professions (personal care professions, medical and paramedical professions, alternative medicine practitioners, driving instructors and tattoo shops) were allowed to re-open. Sex workers are still excluded. For most businesses, sector organisation have drawn up protocols that you should follow. It is not required to wear non-medical face masks.

The following conditions apply:

  • Reservations have to be made upfront.
  • A health check with your costumers is required to reduce risks.
  • Keep 1.5 metres (6 feet) distance from each other.
The following timeline indicates the next steps on the roadmap and which businesses may re-open in the coming months:

1 June

Restaurants, cafes, theatres, cinemas, museums and other cultural institutes can re-open. Hospitality businesses can re-open on 12:00 hours.

The following conditions apply:

  • A maximum of 30 persons (excluding staff) is allowed. Guests in hospitality businesses have to keep 1.5 metres distance, unless they are from the same household.
  • Reservations need to be made in advance.
  • A health check with your costumers is required to reduce risks.
  • Keep 1.5 metres (6 feet) distance from each other.

Thirty guests allowed plus staff

Hospitality businesses, museums, cinemas, theatres, and other cultural institutions can admit up to 30 guests per 1 June. This is excluding staff. Previously, it was announced that they would have to restrict themselves to having no more than 30 persons present, including staff.

1 July

Campsites and holiday parks may re-open their shared sanitary facilities. The maximum number of persons present in restaurants, theatres, cinemas and other cultural institutions (including staff) will be increased from 30 to 100.

1 September

Sex workers, saunas, fitness centres, spas, casinos, coffeeshops and club canteens can re-open. Where possible, it remains important to observe the 1.5 metres distance rule.

Reimbursement for entrepreneurs in affected sectors (TOGS)

Entrepreneurs in selected categories who have experienced income loss due to the corona crisis may apply for the reimbursement for affected sectors (TOGS). They can also apply after they have reopened their business.

General health measures

  • All public events are cancelled until 1 September.
  • From 1 June, public transport will resume their normal time-table. To minimise the risk of infection, only a small number of seats and standing places will be available. Also, it will be mandatory for travellers to wear a (non-medical) face maskExternal link.
  • People are strongly advised to work from home until further notice. People in so-called ‘vital professions’ may still go to work. Until schools and daycare centres re-open on 8 June, special arrangements are made for the children of people in so-called ‘crucial professionsExternal link’ (in Dutch). Contact your municipality or safety region for information, or check the RIVM and Rijksoverheid pages.
  • There are travel restrictions in place for travel into the Netherlands. The restrictions apply to all non-EEA travellers without valid residence permits or visa, and will be in place at least until 15 June. The EU has appealedExternal link to its members to prolong the restrictions until then. An exception to the ban is in place for food, medicine and medical equipment transports. Read the article on The Netherlands and youExternal link for full details on who is and who is not allowed to travel into the Netherlands.

To protect your employees, your clients, and yourself, follow the RIVM adviceExternal link:

  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Cough and sneeze into the crook of your elbow
  • Use paper tissues and discard these after use
  • Don't shake hands
  • Keep at least 1.5 metres (6 feet) distance from each other

Factsheet Rijksoverheid

On the Rijksoverheid website you can download factsheetsExternal link on the general health measures and the roadmap to re-open businesses in the Netherlands. You can download the factsheet in several languages.

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