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Conditions for foreign investors

This information is provided by: Immigration and Naturalisation Service

The Dutch government, in the belief that their presence encourages the Dutch economy, aspires to offer foreign nationals who have considerable assets and are willing to invest in Dutch companies the possibility to reside in the Netherlands.

If you have a capital of at least € 1,250,000 and you wish to invest this amount in the Dutch economy, you may, under specific conditions, apply for a regular temporary residence permit as a foreign investor.

General conditions

  • You hold a valid passport.
  • You do not pose a danger to public order or national security.
  • You are obliged to take out a health insurance policy.
  • You must undergo a tuberculosis (TB) test in the Netherlands. You must have undergone this test within 3 months following the issue of the residence permit. If necessary, you must undergo treatment for TB. Some nationalities do not have to undergo a TB test.

Specific conditions

  • You invest an amount of at least € 1,250,000 in a company located in the Netherlands.
  • You deposit the amount above into a bank account of a Dutch bank or a bank of an EU Member State with a branch in the Netherlands that is under the supervision of De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB). Banks under supervision of DNB make use of a European Passport .
  • Your investment has added value to the Dutch economy. Netherlands Enterprise Agency, a division of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, assesses this added value. Netherlands Enterprise Agency makes use of a points based system. It is for example possible to receive points for investing in Dutch growth industries amongst others.
  • You submit a statement from a Dutch accounting firm (registered with NBA, the Netherlands Institute of Chartered Accountants), with a branch in the foreign national's country of origin or country of continuous residence) about the identity of the foreign national, the origin and size of his capital and the possibility of investing this (the investment may not be a loan or guarantee or consist of buying shares, unless the shares are issued by the company itself in exchange for the risk-bearing financial contribution), which statement shows that the capital to be invested does not appear to be of a fraudulent origin or that the origin of the capital appears to be non-fraudulent
  • The amount to be invested has not been gained through illegitimate means. The IND will seek information about this from the Dutch Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU-Netherlands). You authorise the IND to investigate the origin of your capital.
  • You have not previously stayed in the Netherlands illegally.
  • You have not given false information or have withheld important information to support any previous applications.


As a foreign investor you must gather together the means of evidence before submitting your application. You can find the means of evidence in the application form.

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