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Guide for purchasing eRecognition

This information is provided by: Netherlands Enterprise Agency

If you would like to do business with a Dutch government organisation digitally, you may need to login with eRecognition, a standardised login system. This is the case, for instance, if you want to apply for a permit or a subsidy. Use this guide to find out how to purchase your (Dutch) eRecognition token.

If purchasing eRecognition, you should pay attention to the following:

1. Check your registration with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK)

In order to use eRecognition, your company or organisation must be registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

2. Check the security level you require

The government organisation with which you do digital business selects a security level at which to offer its services. Your eRecognition token must comply with at least that prescribed level. There are 5 security levelsExternal link, ranging from low to extremely high security. You may always use an eRecognition token for services with the same or with a lower security level. If you are purchasing eRecognition for several employees, you could decide to purchase eRecognition tokens for different levels, for various services.

Please note: Consider whether you might need eRecognition for services with a higher security level in the future. Will you apply for a subsidy at some point in time, for example? Or will you perhaps require an All-in-one Permit for Physical Aspects at some stage? Not all recognised EID service providers issue all security levels. If you want to increase your eRecognition token at a later stage, you will either have to upgrade your existing token or you will have to purchase a new one from a different service provider.

3. Keep the different rates in mind

You pay a purchasing fee for an eRecognition token. The costs depend on which type you choose and on the level of security. Service providers may charge once-off and recurrent costs. An overview of the costs is available in the Recognised Service Providers MatrixExternal link (Dutch).

4. Select a recognised service provider

You purchase eRecognition from a recognised service providerExternal link (Dutch) of your choice. Besides the assurance level, also take note of the costs and the token type, the application procedure, the lead time, the replacement procedure and the possible Help Desk availability.

Please note: eRecognition (confidentiality level 4) also uses government PKI certificates, just like Standard Business Reporting (SBR). For eRecognition these are certificates for personal use. With these, you can authorize staff members. The certificates for SBR are organization certificates. Therefore you cannot use these for personal identification. The reverse also applies. The personal certificates you use for eRecognition cannot be used for SBR. Do not forget this when purchasing SBR software and/or an eRecognition tool.

5. Record your authorised representatives

Your EID service provider will keep an authorisation register from assurance level 2. Herein you will record the name of the person who is authorised to do digital business with the Dutch government on your company’s behalf. You do so by assigning a legal representative or an 'authorisation manager' (machtigingenbeheerder) for your company. They inform your recognised service provider if there is a change in the authorisation or if the authorisation is withdrawn.

6. Authorise intermediairies (chain authorisation)

You can authorise an intermediary organisation to act on your behalf with eRecognition. They can subsequently appoint one of their employees to represent them. An audit firm, for instance, may be authorised by their client to act on their behalf with regard to the application of a subsidy or for setting up a Message Box account. The firm then authorises one of their empoyees to be their actual representative. This is called chain authorisation.

Not all eRecognition suppliers support chain authorisation. Please do take this into account when selecting your supplier.

7. Log in to one or more government organisations

You will be able to log in to government organisations after receipt of your eRecognition token. You can use the same token with different organisations.

This information is provided by:

Netherlands Enterprise Agency