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Corona: rules for shops

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO

All shops can be open for business between 05:00 and 22:00 hours. You must keep to the rules.

Rules for shops

  • You can receive 1 customer per 5 m2.
  • You and your customers must keep 1.5 metres distance.
  • Staff and customers must wear a (disposable) face mask. This also applies outside if it is too busy to keep 1.5 metres distance, such as for instance in busy shopping streets or malls.
  • All basic corona rules, such as washing your hands regularly and making sure there is a good flow of fresh air, remain in place.
  • If you offer catering facilities in your store, for example a coffee bar, for these you must follow the rules for restaurants and bars.

Pharmacies, petrol stations, and vital shops in airports (beyond the security check) can keep to their regular opening hours.

Safety in your store

You as a shopkeeper are responsible for the safety in your store. Your staff and customers must comply with the rules. Employees who have symptoms of a cold or who have a fever must stay at home. You may refuse customers entrance to your store. In case of emergency you can ask for police assistance, as you would in case of shoplifting.

Cleaning shopping carts and baskets

You must regularly clean shopping carts, baskets, scanners, and pin devices. This is especially important if you sell food and drinks. You may choose to have your customers clean shopping carts and baskets or to have your staff clean them.

Street or door-to-door sales

You are allowed to sell products or offer your services on the street (without a fixed spot) or door-to-door. In some municipalities, you need a street trader's licence (ventvergunning). Separate rules apply to contact-based professions.

Protocol for responsible shopping

Protocols have been drawn up with basic rules and guidelines for shops.

Shops must strictly keep to the basic corona rules.

Each sector organisation has specific arrangements for their type of business. You can find all protocols on the Dutch-language website Mijn coronaprotocol. Please note: a protocol is not legislation, but a guideline on how to implement the government's and the RIVM's advice for the workplace.

This article is related to:

This information is provided by

Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO