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Cot beds and playpens

This information is provided by Netherlands Enterprise Agency

If you sell cot beds and playpens in the Netherlands or use them professionally, you must adhere to the Commodities Act Decree on Cot Beds and Playpens (Warenwetbesluit kinderbedden en –boxen). This decree establishes, for instance, requirements for the height of the sides and the distance between the bars.

Supplementary requirements for cot beds and playpens used in child care services are outlined in the Cot Beds and Playpens in Child Care (Commodities Act) Additional Regulations (Warenwetregeling nadere eisen kinderbedden en -boxen kinderopvang). Dutch health and safety requirements and European standards are also incorporated into these regulations.

Please note: The technical requirements that apply in the Netherlands to cot beds and playpens differ from those of other EU Member States. If a cot bed or playpen is already permitted in another EU Member State, the Dutch government may only prohibit its sale in the Netherlands in exceptional cases.

This information is provided by

Netherlands Enterprise Agency