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Heat consumption and supply up to 100 kW

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You must comply with the Heating Act (Warmtewet) when you do not consume or supply more than 100 Kilowatt in heat.

Heat consumption

If you use municipal heating or collective heating for hot water or for heating of your business premises and it comprises a maximum of 100 Kilowatt, you must adhere to the Heating Act’s rules on:

  • maximum national rates
  • when the heat supplier may proceed with the disconnection of services
  • when you are entitled to compensation during interruption
  • what must be stated in the agreement
  • your rights and obligations with metering your heat consumption

If you are involved in a disagreement, you may approach a Disputes Committee. All heat suppliers must be registered with such a Disputes Committee.

Heat supply

If you supply heat to consumers or to small businesses with a maximum connection of 100 Kilowatt, you must comply with several requirements under the Heating Act. You must:

  • register as heat supplierExternal link (Dutch) with the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM)
  • conclude an agreement with your clients
  • comply with the maximum ACM rates
  • find out whether you need a permit from ACM for the supply of heat

Reference values heating equipment

The Heating Regulation (based on the Heating Act) sets reference values for heat distribution equipmentExternal link (Dutch) in order to establish maximum prices.

This article is related to:

This information is provided by

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