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Working conditions service

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As an employer in the Netherlands, you must be supported by a working conditions expert (for example, a company medical officer or working conditions service) in the event of:

  • illness of your employee (absenteeism guidance)
  • appointment examinations
  • health examination: voluntary periodical occupational health examination (PAGO) or a periodical medical examination (PMO)

Organising your working conditions service

As an employer you have a choice in organising your working conditions service. However, whether you call in an external working conditions service or organise the support yourself, it must be certified. In the event of a tailormade scheme the working conditions expert must be certified.

Host contract

As of 1 July 2017 there has been an important change in the Working Conditions Act: the introduction of the host contract. The host contract lays down the minimum requirements for the contract between the occupational health service providers and the employer. You are free besides to add more duties in consultation with your employees and occupational health services provider. This is called the host plus contract.

This information is provided by:

Netherlands Enterprise Agency

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