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Compensation for loss, damage or delay to postal items

This information is provided by:Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, EZKMinistry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, EZK

Did you send a postal item via PostNL, like a letter or a parcel? And did the item get lost, delayed or damaged in the mail? Then you may be entitled to compensation from the government, according to the Postal Act of 2009, article 29 (in Dutch: Postwet 2009). You must put in your claim with PostNL.

Conditions for compensation

You can claim compensation if you meet the following conditions:

  • You sent the postal item via the universal postal service, or UPD (Universele Post Dienst). PostNL is the UPD for the Netherlands. If a different parcel service lost or damaged the item, you must put in your claim there;
  • You are the sender;
  • You insured the item, sent it registered (per aangetekende post), or sent it using cash on delivery service.

Applying for compensation

To apply for compensation you can contact PostNL customer service.

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