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International Business Platform (IBP)

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Netherlands Chamber of Commerce, KVK

An entrepreneur is always in search of new opportunities, clients and markets. The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce (KVK) has developed the International Business Platform (IBP) to help entrepreneurs connect with Dutch and foreign entrepreneurs online, and to explore opportunities in foreign countries.

The platform is for entrepreneurs active in international business: importers and exporters (of products and services), as well as companies in traditional and innovative sectors. Registering with the IBP is free of charge. Based on the information you provide about the countries and sector you operate in, your core-business, and which country you are interested in, the IBP will match you automatically with entrepreneurs that match your search profile. You can contact matching entrepreneurs using the in-platform email module.

The billboard feature allows you to ask questions to which other participating entrepreneurs can respond, helping you with their knowledge, experiences and networks. KVK country specialists keep the information about the countries you are interested in up-to-date.

IBP in summary

  • The platform offers new opportunities to expand your markets and offers practical knowledge about your import or export destinations
  • You will only be matched to relevant parties and all IBP participants are checked by the KVK
  • You arrange the contacts with your potential business partners yourself, without the mediation of others
  • Replies by participating entrepreneurs and KVK specialists will be shared on the billboard
  • Participation is free of charge
  • Your contact information will not be shared

If you want to give the International Business Platform a try, register at IBPExternal link. Any further questions? Please contact IBP at ibp@kvk.nlExternal link or call one of the KVK advisers: +31 (0)88 585 2222.

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This information is provided by

Netherlands Chamber of Commerce, KVK