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Startup Blog: the best time to talk to investors is now

This information is provided by Netherlands Chamber of Commerce

by Martijn Lentz

Start searching for investors early on – Amsterdam Capital Week is a great time to take your chances! Don’t wait till the moment you actually need the money. Plan ahead and be sure to draw up a sound financial plan, so you will know how much funding to ask for once you find the right investor.

Plan well ahead

On average, it takes a startup 6 to 18 months to find funding. During this time the founder spends 20-40 hours a week solely on raising capital. And that’s just for one round! Searching for investors the moment you need funding is often too late. Finding the right investor is something you have to plan in your strategy. So start talking to investors early on, and build relationships. You have to take your time, and be patient as well.

Daily business

Being a startup requires a different view on fundraising. It shouldn’t be something you briefly focus on. Finding capital is a crucial part of your daily business routine. To stay on track, make a good financial plan, so that you know what you need.

For more information, visit Funding by private investors or banks.

Martijn Lentz is a KVK Entrepreneurial Financing Expert. During Amsterdam Capital Week 2018, he will post a short daily blog on ‘How to raise capital in five days’. Do you have any questions? Contact KVK’s Startup Information Desk 00 31 88 5852222, or e-mail groei@kvk.nlExternal link. You can find Dutch info on KVK.nl/startupsExternal link.

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This information is provided by

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