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Subsidy scheme retraining for ICT and technology

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Do you want to have 1 or more employees retrained for work in technology or or ICT? You may qualify for the Subsidy scheme retraining for promising professions in ICT or technology. You can apply for an amount of €3,750 per employee. You can apply for no more than 6 employees. It makes no difference if they are existing or new employees.

When do you qualify?

To be eligible for this subsidy you must meet the conditions (in Dutch), among others:

  • The profession your employee will be retrained for is a promising profession in ICT or technology (in Dutch).
  • The employee has not worked in the profession before.
  • The employee will work in this profession at least 50% of their working hours.
  • The employee started retraining on or after 1 July 2022 and the employee starts the (re)training within 3 months of your subsidy application.
  • The retraining programme consists of training and practice support.
  • The retraining programme leads to a longer-term employment contract.

Note that you cannot apply for this scheme if you already make use of the subsidy scheme for practice based learning or the SLIM subsidy.

How to apply?

You cannot apply for this retraining subsidy at the moment.

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