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Published by: respects your privacy and protects your data. We treat the personal information you give us confidentially. Read on this page how we handle your personal data and what our cookie policy is.

Privacy declaration

This privacy statement is about the data that processes. is part of the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce KVK and provides government information about entrepreneurship in the Netherlands. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy and the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations are the initiators of this website. fulfils various statutory tasks, such as the execution of the Dutch Services Act (in Dutch) and the EU Single Digital Gateway regulation. does not use any of your personal data to perform these tasks.

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Your personal data

Your personal data will only be processed by if you share data with us yourself. does not share your personal data with others without your permission. Unless ordered by the court. Or when is legally obliged to share data.

Visit other websites

Do you visit other websites via a link on KVK is not responsible for any processing of your personal data by these other websites. Do you share data with another website you visit? Then we recommend that you read the privacy statement of that website.

Read what happens to your personal data if you share it with us yourself per situation:

On our contact page, you find an overview of the partner organisations of If you have a question, you can contact one of these organisations. Click on the link at the partner organisation to go to their website. Would you like to know what happens to the data you enter there? View the privacy statement of the website you are visiting. Contacting the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) works differently. Read below how you can contact RVO and what happens to your personal data.

Do you have a question about laws and regulations? Use the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) contact form on Everything you enter will be sent by email to the RVO customer contact centre by does not store this data and email. Read how the Netherlands Enterprise Agency RVO handles your data (in Dutch).

If you provide feedback, the editors of will use your response to improve the website. The feedback button is not intended to ask questions or to leave your personal data. You will not receive an answer from the editors. Not even if you leave your phone number or email address. If you do enter your contact details, your data will be deleted as soon as possible (after 1 month at the latest). occasionally publishes a survey with questions about your experience on our website. If you participate, we will use your response to improve the website. Your comment is anonymous, we do not know who you are. If you enter personal data, they will be deleted as soon as possible (after 1 month at the latest).

If you want to register for an external event or meeting, you will be redirected to the website of the organiser. You can register there. Read on the website of the organiser how they handle your data. does not receive this data.

Cookie Policy uses functional and analytical cookies and web storage.

Types of cookies and web storage on

These cookies are necessary for the website to work properly. For example, they remember your preferred settings. Your personal data are not used for this.

These cookies are used for website usage research. For example, they keep track of which pages you view, in which order and for how long. Analytical cookies are also used to conduct online surveys in which we ask you for your opinion about the website. With this information, we can improve the website for our visitors. We do not store any of your personal data. does not place or use tracking cookies. In certain parts of the website, websites of third parties may place (tracking) cookies. These are useful extras, such as a YouTube video. Because of these cookies, third parties 'know', for example, whether you are logged in or which video you have watched. You must give permission to place these cookies. has no influence on what these parties do with cookies. You can also refuse tracking cookies. will then block the cookies for your visit to our website. uses HTML5 Web Storage to store data for our functional cookies. This works almost the same as cookies, but it is more secure. Web storage is divided into session storage and local storage. With session storage, your data is deleted immediately when you close your browser. With local storage you decide how long the browser stores the data. This depends on your browser settings and how often you clear your browser history.

Examples of cookies on uses cookies for web statistics and research about how visitors use the website. This information helps us to improve the website. The functional and analytical cookies contain a (unique) number. As a result, cannot use these cookies to recognise you personally. Nor can cookies be used to recognise you on other websites. The collected anonymous data is only used to improve the website. Your data will not be shared with third parties. Read for each type of cookie which cookies places:

Session storage

Session storage is used to enable the following functionalities:

splitTest{hash}To keep track of which A/B tests are active
@@History/scroll/{pathname}To correct scroll position after using back/forward button
ie11AlertShownTo show “Internet Explorer 11 is no longer fully supported” alert 1x per session
ScrollcheckgtmTo correctly measure scrolling on

Local storage

Local storage is used to enable the following functionalities:

reduxTo not show feedback alerts repeatedly.
cookieAlertShownShow cookie alert once.
dop.fonts.{hash}Save fonts so that they do not have to be downloaded again for returning visitors.
splitTestUserTrack user's unique ID for AB testing.
enquetePopupDonePrevents the survey popup from being shown repeatedly.

Google Analytics collects statistics about the use of Like data about which pages are most visited. Or how often a certain link is clicked. Under the cookie law, does not have to request permission from website visitors to place these analytical cookies. A condition for this is that complies with the 6 steps that are included in the manual 'Privacy-friendly setting of Google Analytics' (PDF, in Dutch) of the Dutch Data Protection Authority. complies with these 6 steps as follows:

  1. has a processor agreement with Google.
  2. has set up Google Analytics in a privacy-friendly manner. This means that the information is made anonymous as much as possible. The IP address consists of 4 so-called octets of 3 digits each. has chosen not to show the last octet of the IP address.
  3. has disabled the option 'share data with Google' in the default settings of Google Analytics. This means that the information collected is not shared with Google or others.
  4. has not given Google permission to use data for other Google services.
  5. has disabled the function for user IDs in Google Analytics.
  6. informs visitors of this cookie policy about the use of Google Analytics.

Read more about which cookies Google can place on (in English).

Videos are shown on via YouTube. In order to view these videos, YouTube may place tracking cookies. YouTube is part of Google. Read more about Google's cookies.

You can refuse tracking cookies from third parties. You do this by clicking 'turn off tracking cookies' in the pop-up you see when you visit this website. Or by adjusting your chosen settings on this page. It may be that not all functions of the website work, such as watching videos.