Accessibility is fully compliant with the government accessibility norm ‘Accessibility Guidelines’, version 2, AA level. Following these guidelines enables us to offer a website that is highly user friendly and accessible to all visitors. Stichting Accessibility assesses our website’s accessibility every year and awards the certificate (in Dutch).

Pro-active approach to improve our website’s accessibility

We have taken the following measures to ensure we remain compliant with Accessibility Guidelines and to improve our accessibility:
  • Research: Independent experts test (parts of) our website regularly for accessiblity. When a problem is identified, we find a sustainable solution.
  • Audits: We have regular audits to ensure that our content-producing processes are designed to follow Accessibility Guidelines.
  • Periodical internal checkup: Our editorial team performs periodical checkups on the content of the website.
  • Monitorship: we aim not to direct you to non-accessible content on or its partner websites. In the event that we find (or you notify us of) a link to non-accessible content on one of our partner websites, we will approach the responsible party and try to offer the information in a different way, until the problem has been mended.

Do you have a problem accessing this website?

If, in spite of the measures we have taken, you experience an accessibility problem on our website, please let us know via