Introduction of the Environment and Planning Act (Omgevingswet)

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
Effective date: 1 January 2024

What has changed?

The Environment and Planning Act (Omgevingswet) was introduced to combine all the rules for spatial projects. The new Act brings together 26 existing laws on the built environment, housing, infrastructure, environment, nature, and water. Examples of existing laws that are incorporated in this new act are the Water Act, the Crisis and Recovery Act, and the Spatial Planning Act.

Under the Environment and Planning Act you can apply for permits easier and faster:

  • You make your application at 1 online service counter (Omgevingsloket). The Omgevingsloket is an online service counter where you can apply for an environment and planning permit (Omgevingsvergunning) in the Netherlands. The all-in-one permit covers various activities related to the living environment, such as building, renovating, demolishing, placing advertising on your building, cutting down trees, and impacting the environment. The competent authority that has to decide on your application will do so via this counter.
  • This new online service counter replaces the Service counter All-in-one permit for physical aspects (Omgevingsloket Online, OLO), the Activities Decree online module (Activiteitenbesluit Internet Module, AIM), the Soil Quality Reporting Centre (Meldpunt Bodemkwaliteit), and the website
  • The Omgevingsloket also allows you to check if you need to make a notification or application for your project, and to contact the relevant authorities.
  • In general, your application will be processed faster: in 8 weeks instead of 26 weeks.

For whom?

  • Anyone who wants to change something in the physical environment. For entrepreneurs, for example, who want to start a building project, or convert a garage into business premises.


The Environment and Planning Act has entered into force on 1 January 2024.

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