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Ending your company per legal structure

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When you end your business, there is a lot to deal with. A step-by-step plan can help you with this. What you need to arrange differs per legal structure. Choose the legal structure of your business on this page and click through to the step-by-step plan.

Follow the KVK step-by-step plan Dealing with debts

Dealing with debts; where do you begin? KVK offers 5 steps to help. You will gain insight into your financial position and know your options for solving your debts. You also find out who can help you. Do not wait to find help, get started now.

Choose your legal structure

Below you can choose which legal structure your company has. After making your choice, click on the link that will lead to the step-by-step plan for your situation.

Video ‘Ending your business’

In the KVK video 'Ending your business', you will see that you can quit in different ways. Depending on your situation, you take different steps. In all cases, ending involves more than just deregistering your company from the KVK Business Register. You need to arrange many things, so proper preparation is essential.