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Memorandum of sale

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If you plan to sell your business, prepare a memorandum of sale to inform potential buyers of what they might be buying.

Why issue a memorandum of sale?

A memorandum of sale gives potential buyers insight into what your company is, and how much it is worth. General company information will not suffice. In the memorandum of sale, you list the history of the company, the reason you’re selling, the organisational structure and the financial situation, among other things.

What is in the memorandum of sale?

  • introduction
  • summary
  • company history and background
  • information about your products and services
  • a market description
  • production data
  • organisational structure and culture
  • financial company data
  • other information, such as patent rights you have.

First things first: confidentiality statement

Show the memorandum of sale to seriously interested potential buyers only, and not before you have made them sign a confidentiality statement. After all, the memorandum of sale contains quite detailed information about your company. Consult an expert to help you set up the memorandum of sale.

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