Pitching to investors

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Netherlands Chamber of Commerce Financing Desk, KVK
Netherlands Chamber of Commerce Financing Desk, KVK

It can sometimes be difficult convincing investors, banks, crowdfunding platforms, subsidy providers and customers. With a short and powerful pitch, you present yourself and your product or service as an interesting investment. This increases your chances of further engaging in discussions with potential investors and, in turn, of getting financing.

What is a pitch?

A pitch is a short presentation. Often to convince someone of an idea. Or to sell something. A pitch has a core message and a clear purpose. You can pitch to different audiences. For example, you can make a sales pitch to customers at a trade show. Or a project pitch for a potential client.

Make an elevator pitch

Do you only have a short time to convince someone of your product? For example, because you are meeting an investor at a networking event. Then you can give an elevator pitch. An elevator pitch is a pitch that lasts about 60 seconds. Do you want to prepare a good elevator pitch? Then read the article "How to write an elevator pitch" on KVK.

What are the characteristics of a good pitch?

A good business pitch contains the following 5 parts that are also described in your business plan, but short and sweet.

  • Who are you? Briefly tell who you are and what your background is. Think about why you want to become an entrepreneur, as well as your experience and network.
  • What does your business do and how will you make money from it?
  • Who are your customers? Briefly mention based on marketing plan and market research what your target market is and how you promote your product.
  • What are you good at? State why customers want to buy from you, what problem you solve and what makes you unique.
  • How much money do you need and what for? State how much money you are investing yourself and how much money you still need. Then suggest what the investor will get in return.

A good pitch is custom-made

Research what is important to the investor you are talking to. Is the investor looking for a safe investment or profit? Also, remember that financiers can have different goals. For example, an investor may advise you. Or help out in the company. And some investors only want to be involved in the background.

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