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Netherlands Enterprise Agency RVO
Netherlands Enterprise Agency RVO
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The Netherlands Enterprise Agency RVO is a founding partner of Business.gov.nl. Its contributions are all regulations, subsidies, and amendments to existing laws. RVO is also the 'home' of the Patent Office, the entrepreneurs' forum Higher Level, and many other programmes to stimulate entrepreneurship in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland, RVO) is an executive body of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs.

RVO helps business owners run sustainable, agricultural, innovative or international businesses. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency also helps them arrange grants, find business partners, access the right expertise, and comply with legislation and regulations. RVO operates in the Netherlands and abroad in partnership with governments, knowledge centres, international organisations and numerous other bodies. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency overall aim is to improve opportunities for business owners and help them become more competitive.

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency is a co-founding partner of Business.gov.nl. Through Business.gov.nl, the agency offers information for businesses provided by the Dutch government. With this information they can work out which general or sectoral laws, rules and regulations, licences and taxes apply or for which subsidies they may be eligible.

Are you an entrepreneur and do you have a question about laws and regulations, subsidies or e-invoicing? Please contact the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO).

Telephone: entrepreneurs dial 088-042 42 42; for English press 8. You can also ask your questions about mutual recognition and the Message Box for companies here.

Calling from abroad? Dial +31 70 379 80 00.

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