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A1/certificate of coverage

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO

Do you have a foreign employee temporarily working for you in the Netherlands or an employee who is going to work for you abroad? Or are you a self-employed professional on assignment? Then you will need an A1/certificate.

What is an A1/certificate?

An A1/certificate of coverage is a form that states the country in which a worker is covered by social insurance.


  • you are an employer or intermediary based outside of the Netherlands who intends to have an employee work for you temporarily in the Netherlands
  • you work on assignment in the Netherlands as a self-employed professional, while remaining based in your own country

you or your employee usually remains covered by your own country’s social insurance system. In that case, you will not have to pay social insurance contributions in the Netherlands. However, you will require an A1/certificate of coverageExternal link.

This certificate is valid in

Applying for an A1/certificate of coverage

In many countries, a labour inspectorate checks whether you or your employee has a valid A1/certificate of coverage. You apply to your own country's social insurance institutionExternal link for an A1/certificate of coverage. In the Netherlands this is the Dutch Social Insurance Bank (Sociale Verzekeringsbank, SVB). The EU offers an overview on Health Insurance and other Social Security matters when moving within the EUExternal link.

When you or your employee works temporarily outside the Netherlands, but remains based in the Netherlands you can apply online and for free for an A1/certificateExternal link with the SVB. The A1/certificate of coverage has replaced the E101 form.

If you are a self-employed professionalExternal link and you are going to work in the Netherlands temporarily, you must apply for an A1/certificate in your home country. You must be able to prove you were already working as a self-employed person for at least 2 months prior to leaving your home country and continue as a self-employed person on your return. You must be able to present the labour inspectorate with an A1/certificate if required.

Validity of A1/certificate of coverage

An A1/certificate of coverage is valid for 24 months. If you stay for longer you must either switch to your host country's social security system or apply for an extension.

Social insurance when working permanently in the Netherlands

If you or your employee permanently takes up work in the Netherlands, you will no longer be covered by your own country's social security system. You will then pay social insurance contributions in the Netherlands. Different rules and regulations apply if you or your employee work/works in more than one EU Member State. For more information, please contactExternal link the Dutch Social Insurance Bank (Sociale Verzekeringsbank, SVB) or the social insurance organisation in your country.

This information is provided by

Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO