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If you commit a criminal offence in the Netherlands, a minimum fine of €3 and a maximum fine of €900,000 may be imposed. There are several categories of criminal offences. The category determines the maximum amount of the fine. The court will determine the exact amount of the fine (please check the government's Dutch-language website for the most up-to-date maximum fines).

Penalty fine levels

The penalty fine levels of the most common minor offences are listed in the Public Prosecution Service's Fines Database (in Dutch). This database does not list offences that cause damage or personal injury.

Traffic fines

Minor traffic offences and speeding offences are dealt with under administrative law, on an out-of-court basis. The amount of a traffic fine depends on the offence. Fines are higher if the offences are more serious. You pay the traffic fine to the Central Fine Collection Agency (Centraal Justitieel Incasso Bureau, CJIB).

Note that the procedures concerning traffic fines for persons living in the Netherlands (in Dutch) and for persons living abroad are different. The fine will be sent by post. Fines over €75 can be paid in installments (in Dutch). If you disagree with the fine (in Dutch), you can lodge an appeal against the decision (online) to the public prosecutor.

You can find more information on CJIB’s website.

Please note that for residents of the Netherlands the information is only available in Dutch. Other languages specify the rules and steps to take for non-residents. You can find the language of your choice by clicking on the flag in the top righthand corner of CJIB’s homepage.

Receive digital traffic fines

Are you an entrepreneur with a large vehicle fleet? And do you often receive fines from CJIB that can be passed on to employees or clients? You can opt to receive them digitally (in Dutch). You then pass the fines on to your employees or clients yourself. Please contact CJIB for more information.

View and pay traffic fines online

If you have received a traffic fine, you can check it online at CJIB's online service counter (in Dutch). You need to log in with DigiD. You can then check your camera photo and pay your fine online. Non-residents can fill in a form to request the camera photo and pay fines through bank transfer. Click on the flag in the top righthand corner of the page to choose your language.

Fines imposed by an inspection service

A government inspection service may impose an administrative fine on you. You pay the fine to the CJIB. If you disagree with an administrative fine, you can lodge an objection to the inspection service that sent you the administrative fine.

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