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Oath or solemn affirmation financial sector

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Every employee of a financial institution must take the bankers' oath. By taking this oath or solemn affirmation, employees promise they will work according to the Code of Conduct (gedragscode).

Who must take the oath?

Financial institutions such as investment institutions or credit providers must take the bankers' oath by swearing to abide by the established Code of Conduct. Employees also need to sign a declaration to confirm this. This applies to policymakers, supervisory directors, and employees who are in direct contact with clients. It also applies to employees capable of influencing the safety profile of their institution.

The financial institutions are responsible themselves for both taking the oath and registering it.

Code of conduct financial sector

By taking the oath, an employee declares they will follow the Code of Conduct and the disciplinary regulations for the banking sector (Tuchtreglement bancaire sector). The Foundation for Banking Ethics Enforcement (Tuchtrecht Banken, FBEE) reviews if your actions are in accordance with these regulations.

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