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Parallel imports (without manufacturer's permission)

This information is provided by:Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVONetherlands Enterprise Agency, RVONederlandse versie

Do you wish to import and sell products from a licensed brand outside the EEA (EU-member states plus Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein)? You need permission from the license holder. Imports without this permission are referred to as 'parallel imports', which are banned.

The penalties for parallel imports may vary from (damage) compensation to the destruction of stocks.

Parallel imports within the EEA

Ha a product been imported within the EEA via an official distribution channel? In this case you may market them freely within the EEA.

Parallel imports of medication

The ban on parallel imports does not apply to medication. In this case it is also called parallel distribution. If you want to put medicines on the market as a parallel importer, you will need to apply for a parallel marketing authorisation from the Medicines Evaluation Board (MEB, College ter Beoordeling van Geneesmiddelen, CBG).

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