Childcare benefit for self-employed professionals

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO

Childcare benefit contributes to the cost of childcare. If your child is attending a registered childcare centre or creche, you may receive childcare benefitExternal link as a freelancer/self-employed professional for the hours you spend on your business. These may, for example, be the hours that you spend:

  • working and which you charge to your customers;
  • attending to your business administration;
  • writing quotations or keeping your website updated;
  • following courses or training for your business.

Travelling time for commuting purposes are not deemed to be worked hours.

You must be able to show proof of the number of hours you work. For example by recording the number of hours you spend on an assignment.

How to apply for childcare benefit?

You apply for childcare benefit yourself with the Dutch Tax and Customs AdministrationExternal link, within 3 months after your child starts going to a childcare centre.

You can perform a test calculationExternal link (in Dutch) to determine for how many hours you may be entitled to childcare benefit. You can find the current amounts for child care benefit on the websiteExternal link of the Dutch government (in Dutch).

Submit changes

If there are any changes in your situation, for example in your income, you have to inform the Tax and Customs AdminstrationExternal link.

If you are no longer eligible for childcare benefit, you must informExternal link the Tax and Customs Adminstration within 4 weeks.

You are no longer eligible for childcare benefit if:

  • your child no longer attends a childcare centre
  • you have stopped working

Childcare benefit for play groups

The benefit for children attending a children's play group rather than a registered childcare centre has ceased as regulations for the two forms of childcare harmonised in 2018. If your child attends a former play group, (now called a childcare centre), you are entitled to a childcare benefit.

This information is provided by

Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO