Government support for entrepreneurs

Application conditions for subsidies

This information is provided by: Netherlands Enterprise Agency

The government provides subsidies in order to stimulate certain commercial activities. Subsidies are contributions towards costs of projects relating to innovation or energy, for example. There are no general subsidies for start-up companies.

Most promising activities

You will find the most options for subsidies if you:

  • invest in energy-saving techniques
  • export or invest in emerging markets
  • would like to innovate by developing new products or processes

Other forms of financing

Alongside subsidies, other possibilities for financing your company or commercial activity could be fiscal schemes, surety, credit, risk capital and crowd funding.

Summary of financing options

Please find below information about and tools for financing options offered by, among others, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce. Please note that this information is available in Dutch only.

  • The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland, RVO) provides a summary of financing options from the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs (EZ).
  • In their (Dutch-language) leaflet Enterprise, save and innovate – The Government helps (Onderneem, bespaar en innoveer – De overheid helpt, 2013), the Government of the Netherlands highlights various financing options from EZ and the Dutch Foreign Office.
  • RVO gives a summary of new methods and examples of financing in their Financing constructions Toolbox (Toolbox Financieringsconstructies) (Dutch). This toolbox is an initiative from the Dutch Ministry of Internal Affairs and Kingdom Relations (BZK).
  • MKB Service Desk has compiled a crowd funding file (Dutch).
  • Information on credit unions (Dutch) is available on the Dutch Credit Unions Association website (Vereniging van Kredietunies in Nederland, VKN).

This information is provided by:

Netherlands Enterprise Agency

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