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Are you a media organisation, do you produce printed or digital media publications with journalistic content? Or are you a media startup or investigative journalist? Then you may be eligible for a subsidy from the Dutch Journalism Fund (Stimuleringsfonds voor de Journalistiek, SVDJ) or the Fund for Journalism Projects (FBJP).

SVDJ Accelerator & Accelerator Light (SVDJ)

The SVDJ Accelerator (in Dutch) is financial support and coaching for innovative media projects. The programme is for media startups and existing media organisations, which want to experiment with new platforms and media solutions. The Accelerator-programme offers a rigid 7-month system of guidance, sprints, experiments and a subsidy for the duration.

Are you unsure the rigid accelerator system fits your innovative journalism project? You can apply for SVDJ Accelerator Light (in Dutch). This programme consists of 4 meetings and personal guidance. There is no financial support.

Exploitation scheme (SVDJ)

The exploitation scheme (in Dutch) helps start or continue a printed or digital publication which is published at least monthly. This scheme is available for individual and joint projects and organisation research. Applications can be submitted year-round.

Research scheme (SVDJ)

The research scheme (in Dutch) is meant for research to improve the Dutch journalism sector. Applications can be submitted year-round.

Sponsor scheme (SVDJ)

The sponsor scheme (in Dutch) provides financing for short-term projects outside of an organisation’s regular business operations, such as arranging a meeting or congress. Every year has 2 application periods (1 January through 30 June, 1 July through 31 December).

Dutch Fund for Journalism Projects (FBJP)

The Dutch Fund for In-depth Journalism grants various subsidies to individual journalists for in-depth journalistic productions which would not be possible without extra funding. This includes:

Corona: extension of project subsidies

Due to the corona crisis the Dutch Fund for In-depth Journalism (in Dutch) has decided to extend deadlines for project subsidies (in Dutch). This means deadlines for these projects are now continuous. The talent expertise grant (in Dutch) has been extended as well. This grant can be used to compensate for lost income and expenses made while following online training.

When do you qualify?

Different conditions apply to the different subsidy schemes. Visit the webpages above for details.

How to apply?

Apply to the Dutch Journalism Fund for SVDJ subsidies. You can find all (expected) application dates on their website (in Dutch). Applications take 13 weeks to process.

Apply to the Dutch Fund for In-depth Journalism for FBJP subsidies.

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