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European Globalisation Adjustment Fund (EGF)

This information is provided by: Netherlands Enterprise Agency

Businesses and sectors in the EU that are compelled to make large numbers of people redundant due to the economic crisis, may be eligible for aid from the European Globalisation Adjustment FundExternal link (EGF). The aid is designed to help your employees (including temporary employees) get back to work, by means of training, assistance with finding a new job or support in starting their own business. Businesses or sectors may be reimbursed up to a maximum of 60% of their expenses.

When do you qualify?

  • Your business has to make at least 500 people redundant within a four-month period, or there must be 500 redundancies in your sector over a nine-month period in one province or two adjoining provinces.
  • You can demonstrate that the mass redundancies are the result of the economic crisis or the structural changes in world trade.

How to apply?

If your company is based in the Netherlands, you can apply for this subsidy to the Dutch Agency for Social Affairs and Employment (Agentschap SZW). If your company is based in another EU Member State, check the European Commission's website to find your national EGF contact pointExternal link.

This information is provided by:

Netherlands Enterprise Agency