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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
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Are you involved in realising a sustainable project that is struggling to take off? If so, you can submit a proposal for a Green Deal. With a Green Deal, the Dutch central government aims to help implement sustainable plans by removing bottlenecks in laws and regulations.

Green deals are agreements between the Dutch central govenrment and other parties such as businesses, social organisations, and other governments.

When do you qualify?

Any proposal should address 5 criteria:

  • You play an active part in realising the initiatives.
  • The initiative must focus on 1 of the central themes (in Dutch).
  • It must be profitable or have the potential to become profitable.
  • The project must quickly produce results.
  • The project must result in new economic activity (or activities), or in cost savings for businesses.

How to apply?

You can submit your Green Deal (in Dutch) through the Netherlands Enterprise Agency. Please contact the Netherlands Enterprise Agency for more information on how to submit a Green Deal proposal. You can also view current Green Deals on the list of Green Deals (in Dutch).

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