Subsidy programme LIFE

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
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LIFE is the European subsidy programme for the development and implementation of European nature conservation and environmental policy. The programme includes the following:

When do you qualify?

This subsidy scheme is available to EU public and private legal entities. The conditions vary depending on the sub-programme and the type of project. You can apply of your project idea contributes to for example:

  • protected natural areas, nature restoration, and the protection of endangered species
  • more efficient use of resources, circular design, or reuse of waste
  • the improvement of air quality, water, soil, chemicals management, and the reduction of noise pollution
  • mitigating climate change and adapting to climate change
  • a faster roll-out of technology, digitisation, new services, and business models on the market

How to apply?

You can find calls for proposals for the LIFE programme on the EU's Funding & Tender Opportunities portal. The closing dates vary per subsidy.

You apply for subsidy through the eProposal portal of the European Commission. You can use the Dutch-language roadmap for applying by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) to prepare your application.

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