Repaying the Small credits guarantee for SMEs (KKC)

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
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Did you take out a loan via the small credits guarantee for SMEs (Kleine Kredieten Corona garantieregeling, KKC)? You will have to repay this loan.

Do you have to repay?

The small credits guarantee is a loan and you have to repay your loan. How much you need to repay depends on the amount you have loaned.

How much do you need to repay?

You will have to repay:

  • the entire loan
  • interest of at most 4% (the amount of interest is stated in the credit agreement with your financier)
  • a one-off compensation premium of 2% of the credit amount to the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) (in general this is co-financed in your loan)

It may be that the 1st year is a grace period and that you can repay penalty free at any time. This is stated in the conditions of your loan.

When do you have to repay?

You start repaying right away, unless your financier offers the 1st year as a grace period. In that case you only pay interest. The duration of this bridging loan is 5 years maximum.

Whom do you repay?

You repay the loan to the financier (credit provider) you took out the loan from. You can find the approved credit providers for the KKC on RVO’s website.


If you have any questions concerning your loan, you should contact your financier. You can find more information on the KKC on RVO’s website.