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Repaying the Temporary support for essential costs (TONK)

This information is provided by:Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVONetherlands Enterprise Agency, RVONederlandse versie

Do you make use of the tax free Temporary support for essential costs (TONK)? If this benefit was offered to you as a loan, you must repay it. The TONK measure helps you pay for housing costs during the corona crisis. The TONK is executed by your municipality.

Do you have to repay the TONK?

In general you will be allowed to keep your TONK benefit. This is the concept of this measure. In some cases a municipality will decide it is a loan. If your municipality decides it is loan, you need to repay it. For instance when you have some money again and are able to repay in the near future.

How much do you have to repay?

Before you take out this loan you make arrangements with your municipality on the amount you have to repay.

When do you need to repay?

You should arrange with your municipality when and over how long a period you need to repay the loan. In most cases you will be able to make a personal payment arrangement. Contact your municipality to discuss this.

Whom do you repay?

You repay the loan to the municipality that offered you the loan.


If you have any questions on the TONK you should contact your municipality or consult their website.

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