Subsidy strengthening cyber resilience

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Does your company work in a non-vital sector (you do not offer products or services that are of vital importance to the Dutch society) ? Do you want to increase your company’s cyber resilience? If you work together on this with 1 or more other non-vital companies, you can apply for subsidy.

You can execute a cyber resilience plan with the subsidy Cyber Resilience from the Digital Trust Centre (DTC). With this plan you and other organisations are going to, for instance, protect business processes and data from cybercriminals.

When do you qualify?

  • Your company forms a cyber resilience network with at least 1 and at most 7 other companies. Together you create a cyber resilience plan.
  • Or you have a legal entity (for example a foundation) and create a cyber resilience plan with at least 2 companies.
  • Companies in vital sectors may participate in the cyber resilience network. But the cyber resilience plan must be shared by at least 2 non-vital companies.

View all terms and conditions on the Netherlands Enterprise Agency’s website (in Dutch).

How to apply?

You can no longer apply. The Cyber Resilience subsidy scheme (in Dutch) was open until 15 October 2021, 17:00 hours.

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