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Substance-related Occupational Diseases compensation (TSB)

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Have you become ill due to working with hazardous substances? If so, you can apply for a one-off allowance from the Dutch Institute for Victims of Occupational Diseases due to Hazardous Substances (Instituut Slachtoffers Beroepsziekten door Gevaarlijke stoffen, ISBG) through the Substance-related Occupational Diseases scheme (Tegemoetkoming Stoffengerelateerde Beroepen, TSB).

When do you qualify?

You qualify for the Substance-related Occupational Diseases compensation if you suffer from any of the following occupational diseases:

  • lung cancer caused by asbestos
  • allergic (occupational) asthma
  • painter's disease (CSE)

More occupational diseases will be added to this list in the future.

Prepare for the application

You can prepare for the application by contracting your (company) doctor and have the answers ready to the following questions:

  • Do you have a diagnosis of any of the diseases listed above from your (company) doctor?
  • Have you been exposed to a hazardous substance during your work? In the case of lung cancer, the hazardous substance is asbestos, in the case of asthma it is allergens, and in the case of CSE volatile solvents.
  • Do you work in the Netherlands, in paid employment and/or self-employment? And do you or did you have an employment contract or contract of assignment under Dutch law?

The ISBG will check if you meet the conditions and advise the Dutch Social Insurane Bank (Sociale Verzekeringsbank, SVB) whether or not to pay out the compensation.

Read more about the conditions for the Substance-related Occupational Diseases compensation on the website of ISBG (in Dutch)

How to apply?

You can apply for the Substance-related Occupational Diseases compensation from 1 January 2023 to ISBG (in Dutch).

This information is provided by

Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
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