TSE Industry subsidy scheme

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Do you work on innovative projects to create more or cheaper climate-neutral or circular products and services? And do you expect to bring your innovation to market before 2030? You may be eligible for the TSE Industry subsidy scheme (TSE Industrie, in Dutch).

TSE Industry themes

The TSE Industry subsidy scheme consists of multiple themes, which should contribute to a more meaningful industrial sector, shipping and aviation sectors, and the circular economy in the Netherlands by 2030. Your project should fit within at least 1 of these themes.

Industrial sector in general

The TSE Industry subsidy scheme for the industrial sector in general has three focus areas:

  • the closing of industrial chains through innovations and incorporating waste flows
  • the development of carbon-free or climate-neutral heating and energy systems to optimise efficiency
  • develop knowledge and cost effective innovations to maximise electrification and develop radical new processes

Shipping and aviation sectors

The TSE Industry subsidy scheme aims to decrease the environmental impact of the shipping and aviation sectors. It does so by subsidising the production of both synthetic fuels and of advanced biofuels through the international environment of Mission Innovation.

Circular economy

The TSE circular economy scheme intends to increase reusability of materials (in Dutch). There are several ways to achieve this, such as financing innovations on modularity, refurbishment, recycling and dismantling of products, processes and services in areas such as construction, infrastructure and fashion.

Who can apply?

Your project must meet the general conditions of the TSE Industry subsidy scheme (in Dutch):

  • Partnerships of which at least 1 partner is an entrepreneur can apply.
  • Your project has a maximum duration of 4 years. For projects in the circular economy theme this is at most 2 years.

Applications are rated on the likeliness of the project to succeed on the market, the amount of innovation, and the quality of the application. The highest rated projects will receive a maximum €500.000 in subsidy.

How to apply?

You cannot apply for the TSE Industry subsidy scheme at the moment.

This information is provided by

Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO