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Why watch this webinar?

In this first part of our webinar “Immigration: moving to the Netherlands as an entrepreneur”, we talk with experts Gülten Çankaya (Immigration and Naturalisation Service, IND) and Willem Drost (StartupDelta) about which steps to take to start your business in the Netherlands. One of the first requirements for this process is to apply for a visa or residence permit. We will explain which conditions apply and which documents you need. Also, we discuss the business aspect of starting a business and how a facilitator can help you build and grow your business in the Netherlands.

Topics that will be discussed

  • How to emigrate to the Netherlands: permits and visa
  • Start up your business
  • The benefits of using a facilitator
  • Your start-up visa

Residence permit

The most important condition of the residence permit procedure for starting a business is that you serve an essential interest to the Dutch economy. Gülten explains how the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) will assess your application, using three categories: education and work experience, business plan and financial plan, and the added value for the Dutch economy. If the Netherlands Enterprise Agency gives a positive advice, the IND will proceed with the application process of the residence permit.

Start-up visa

The start-up visa is a special residence permit which is valid for a maximum of one year. In this year, you'll be expected to produce or introduce an innovative new product or service. The Netherlands has always been a country of entrepreneurs who formed the foundation for innovation and job creation. A start-up visa is a great way to get your boots on the ground in the most exciting start up environment worldwide. There are multiple criteria to fulfill to qualify for the start-up visa, like working together with a facilitator, a business plan and sufficient financial resources. Gülten and Willem explain the requirements and how a facilitator can help you with your innovative start-up in the Netherlands.

This webinar video is part of the webinar 'Starting a business in the Netherlands'. You can watch the entire webinar here, or watch the other parts separately:

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Nadia-Jane Bristoll

Nadia-Jane Bristoll

Host and presenter

Gülten Çankaya

Gülten Çankaya

Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service

Willem Drost

Willem Drost


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