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Foreign investors

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Are you a foreign investor, and are you considering residing in the Netherlands, and making a contribution to the Dutch economy? To enter the Netherlands as a foreign investor, you need to invest (at least) €1.25 million. Certain conditions apply to investing in the Netherlands.


The Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) judges your residence permit application, for which there are several conditions. General conditions include:

  • You hold a valid passport.
  • You do not pose a danger to public order or national security.
  • You are obliged to take out a health insurance policy.
  • You must undergo a tuberculosis (TB) test in the Netherlands. You must have undergone this test within 3 months following the issue of the residence permit. If necessary, you must undergo treatment for TB. Some nationalities do not have to undergo a TB test.

In addition to the general conditions, the following specific conditions apply:

  • You invest a minimum amount of €1,250,000 in a company that is based in the Netherlands or in a fund that, according to the Ministry of Economic Affairs, falls within the SEED regulation, a participation fund or contractual partnership that invests in a company in the Netherlands. Investing in real estate for private occupation is excluded.
  • You deposit the amount to be invested into a bank account of a Dutch bank or a bank of an EU Member State with a branch in the Netherlands. This branch is supervised by De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB). Banks subject to supervision make use of the single European licence.
  • Your investment has an added value for the Dutch economy. This will be assessed by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO). The Netherlands Enterprise Agency uses a points system. The added value is there if the investment meets 2 of the following 3 criteria:
    1. Within 5 years at least 10 jobs will be created.
    2. A contribution is made to increasing the innovativeness of the Dutch company; this may be proven through, among other things, the introduction of a patent, investing in both technological and non-technological innovation or investing in a company that belongs to a top sector.
    3. There is another, non-financial added value, such as specific knowledge, networks, clients and active involvement of the investor.
  • The capital which is invested has not been gained through illegitimate means. The IND can ask information about this from the Netherlands Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU-Netherlands). You give permission to investigate the origin of your capital abroad.
  • You have not given incorrect information or withheld relevant information in a previous application for a residence permit.
  • You have not previously been in the Netherlands illegally.

More information

To find out more, and to apply for the foreign investor residence permit, visit the IND website.