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Netherlands Chamber of Commerce, KVK
Netherlands Chamber of Commerce, KVK

Do you want to know more about money matters for your business? Reach out to the KVK Financing Desk by calling 0800-1014. Every work day, specialised and experienced advisers help you personally. You will receive independent advice on different forms of financing, retirement, administration and financial planning. The Financing Desk team can also put you in touch with investors and advisers.

Finding financing

When it comes to finding financing, it pays to be prepared. Have you already drawn up a business plan, including a financial plan? And is it clear that you need money? There are several ways to raise the necessary funds:

Our Finance is a formula (pdf) is a handy tool. It provides a quick and easy overview of all the types of finance available to your business.

KVK Guide for business financing

The KVK Guide for business financing explains the process of finding financing in detail:

Financing needs in business acquisition

Do you want to take over a business? If so, you may need acquisition capital or a financial deal structure. For more information about your financing options for a company takeover, contact the KVK Financing Desk.

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