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Funding from own business

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You need financing for your business. Before exploring opportunities elsewhere, consider what options you have for tapping your own business. You may be able to free up funds with efficient inventory management. Or by improving your operations.

What is working capital?

At some point, you may need more working capital. Working capital is money for things like inventory, accounts receivable, or longer projects for which you cannot yet bill your client, but are incurring costs (in Dutch). You can raise these funds from sources beyond your business, such as banks or investors. It is always worth considering whether you can fund your own plans. It is usually a lot faster and cheaper to free up money yourself than to apply for external financing.

Remember to consider deductions and tax schemes.


Do you have cash or do you own goods, assets, or a building? You can use some of this equity to fund your business. You can also ask shareholders whether they are interested in investing more.

Sources of finance in your business

These are not the only ways to tap your own business for funds. Find out more about:

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