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Accommodation for foreign workers

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Do you have a company in the Netherlands? And do you employ foreign workers on a temporary basis? In some cases you will have to provide suitable accommodation. This is the case:

  • if it is included as a provision in the Collective Labour Agreement for your business sector
  • if you employ workers who need a work permit
  • if you have an employment agency or a company established outside of the Netherlands that employs workers in the Netherlands

Self-employed professionals must find their own accommodation.

The Knowledge centre on flexible housing (Expertisecentrum Flexwonen, EF) offers tips on (temporary) housing for foreign workers (in Dutch).

Accommodation criteria

The accommodation must meet a number of basic requirements regarding:

  • hygiene
  • privacy
  • sanitary facilities
  • safety
  • quality

The SNF (Stichting Normering Flexwonen) manages a register with organisations that meet the requirements (in Dutch). Do you have an organisation that provides accommodation for foreign workers? Or are you an employer who offers accommodation to foreign workers? Then you can sign up to be included in these registers (in Dutch).

Withholding pay

In some cases you can withhold payment of wages to pay for accommodation. There are however strict conditions:

  • You may withhold a maximum of 25% of the gross minimum wage.
  • The landlord has to comply with the requirements of the SNF.

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