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All-in-one permit for advertising on a business premises

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If you want to advertise on a building in the Netherlands, for example by displaying a billboard or an illuminated sign, or you want to display one or several large, detached outdoor adverts, in most cases you will need an all-in-one permit for physical aspects.

Check whether you need an all-in-one permit

The local council is in charge of ensuring road safety and safeguarding the townscape. For this reason you are not allowed to attach advertising to your business location without permission. Use this online tool to check whether you need an all-in-one permit (in Dutch). If you place a large advertising billboard or other object, you will need an all-in-one permit for building.

Applying for an all-in-one permit

You can apply for an all-in-one permit from your local council or online via the online service counter all-in-one permit for physical aspects (in Dutch). Costs differ for various different dimensions per municipality. When you apply, you need to state:

  • why you are placing the advertising
  • what kind of advertising object you are placing
  • how large the advertising object is
  • where you are placing the advertising.

The local council will decide whether or not to give issue a permit within 8 weeks. If your business is located in a monumental building, then the monuments committee will assess your application. If permission is refused, you have 6 weeks to object. If you disagree with the final decision, you can appeal against it in court.

Taxes on advertising

In some municipalities you will also need to pay tax on advertising:

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This information is provided by

Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
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