Mandatory charging stations on company car parks

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO

Do you have a commercial building with parking spaces on your premises? Or do you plan a major renovation for your commercial building? In some cases, you must have charging points for your employees’ electric vehicles. This is determined by the European Energy performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD III).

Charging stations for new buildings

Do you have a commercial building built with more than 10 parking spots on the premises? Then you need at least 1 charging point. 1 in 5 parking spots must have a connection to a charging station.

Charging stations in case of major renovation

Will you have your business premises with more than 10 parking spaces radically rebuilt? Then you must have at least 1 charging point installed.

A renovation is seen as major if you have more than 25% of the outside of the building (building shell) rebuilt or enlarged.

A charging point is not mandatory if the costs of the charging station (design, materials, and installation) amount to more than 7% of the renovation costs.

Charging stations for all commercial buildings in 2025

Does your commercial building have more than 20 parking spots? From 2025 you must have at least 1 charging point.

Requirements for charging stations

The Alternative fuels infrastructure Decree (in Dutch) sets out the requirements for charging points. Examples of these requirements are:

  • sockets or vehicle connectors (plugs) must be type 2
  • measurement equipment for charging use must be secured to protect the data traffic and the privacy of users

You can make your car park with charging stations accessible to the general public, for example a car park at a shop. The requirements stay the same.

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