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Electric transport is developing fast. E-bikes and electric scooters are taking over city centres. More and more electric cars are available and the number of charging points is increasing rapidly. Entrepreneurs who drive electrically profit from financial benefits.

Think about which electric means of transport suits your company

Electric driving is better for the environment (in Dutch) and will help your company gain a green(er) image. It will also prevent any trouble with low emission zones in large cities. If you want to switch to electric transport, ask yourself which electric transport vehicle is right for your company. You can buy or lease an electric car. But perhaps an electric moped, bicycle or scooter will suit your company better.

The financial benefits of electric driving

Electric driving pays off. An electric car saves fuel and maintenance costs, and you can take advantage of tax schemes:

An environmentally friendly car has a lower added taxable income rate

If you have a company car that you use privately for over 500 km per year? Then you will be faced with an added taxable income rate (bijtelling). This added taxable income is a percentage of the list price over which you pay income tax. An environmentally friendly car has a lower added taxable income rate. Calculate the VAT and addition for your private use (in Dutch).

Check the available subsidies

In addition to tax benefits, there are also subsidies for the purchase and lease of electric vehicles and charging points. For example, you can make use of the Subsidy scheme for zero emission commercial vehicles (Subsidieregeling Emissieloze Bedrijfsauto’s, SEBA) if you purchase 1 or more electric company cars. In addition, inquire into local subsidies at your municipality (in Dutch) or province. The subsidies from a number of municipalities are listed on Nederland Elektrisch (in Dutch).

Find or place a charging station

The number of charging points (in Dutch) for electric cars is increasing significantly. You can also place charging stations on your business premises yourself.

Your own charging point at your company

The Startup Guide 'Charging electric cars at the office' (pdf, in Dutch) will help you purchase the right charging options for your electric vehicle. The start guide is a step-by-step plan with key considerations such as the charging speed, management (doing it yourself or outsourcing), costs and tax regulations and subsidies.

Follow the developments around electric transport

The Netherlands wants to be a leader in electric transport. The parties that work together in the Formula E-Team (FET) and the national government together ensure that electric driving increases and ties in with trends abroad. With the Nederland Elektrisch portal, the FET keeps you informed of new developments. You can also follow the news about electric driving (in Dutch) from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO).

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This information is provided by

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