Electric transport and your company

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency RVO
Netherlands Enterprise Agency RVO

Are you buying a company car for the first time? Or does your company car need to be replaced? Use this checklist to see what you should pay attention when switching to electric transport for your company. And what tax benefits and subsidies there are.

1. Decide if electric driving suits your company

There are several reasons for electric driving:

2. Determine the electric means of transport

If you take the step to electric transport, consider which means of transport suits your company and which rules apply to different means of transport. You can choose a:

You can buy or lease an electric car. Also consider if you are purchasing or leasing the means of transport for business or private purposes.

3. Check the tax benefits of electric driving

Electric driving does not only save on fuel and maintenance costs. You can also benefit from tax schemes:

4. Check the available subsidies

There are also subsidies for the purchase and lease of electric vehicles and charging points.

5. Check if a charging station is mandatory in your company parking lot

In some business situations, it is mandatory to have a charging station in your parking lot. If you are renovating your business premises or building a new one, you must install at least 1 charging station for every 10 parking spaces. Does your business premises have more than 20 parking spaces? From 2025 you must have at least 1 charging station.

Do you need a charging station in a public area? See how to request a charging station (in Dutch).

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