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Company, free, and paid telephone numbers

This information is provided by:Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVONetherlands Enterprise Agency, RVONederlandse versie

You must apply to the Consumer and Market Authority (Autoriteit Consument en Markt, ACM) if you intend to use a corporate number or a paid/free information number in the Netherlands. An application for a regional number can be submitted to a telephone service provider, who will submit the application for the number to ACM.

Corporate numbers (088)

Request a corporate number if, for instance, you prefer not to use different regional dialling codes for your various branches in the Netherlands. Using a corporate number can also make your company’s telephone number more widely recognised. Corporate numbers can be used for both mobile and landlines. You pay a monthly fee if you want to have a corporate number, the amount depends on your supplier. Your customers will pay the same (local) rate they would have to pay when calling a regular phone number in the Netherlands.

Free information numbers (0800)

Consumers pay nothing when they call a free 0800 information number, but if they use a mobile phone, they will sometimes be charged. You can apply for either a short (i.e. eight-digit) or a long (i.e. eleven-digit) information number. A free information number must be used within six months of it being granted.

Paid information numbers (0900, 0906, 0909)

Callers to a paid information number (090x) are charged a fee to get information. 0900 numbers are intended for providers of serious information, such as a corporate helpdesk, 0909 numbers are intended for entertainment purposes, and 0906 numbers are for erotic services. You must use paid information numbers within 6 months after having been granted one.

What are the rates for paid information numbers?

For 090x numbers used for a customer service only regular calling fees may be charged and no extra information fee may be charged. Strict rules apply to rates for paid information numbers (in Dutch). Do you only have a 090x number and do you use this number for multiple purposes of which customer service is one? Then you may only charge regular calling fees for every call to that number.

Stating your rates

For all calls (fixed-line and mobile), you must ensure that callers are informed of the rates in advance. You must state the information rate and traffic rate separately. If you charge a call set-up rate, you must state this separately as well. You may not state any local or long-distance rates.

Call forwarding

There are stricter rules against misleading information numbers and call forwarding services. Call forwarding to free 0800 telephone numbers and paid 0900, 0906, 0909 numbers is prohibited.

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