Fauna management plan approval

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Do you cooperate in a fauna management unit (faunabeheereenheid) to reduce wildlife populations? And to control animals that cause damage? You have to draw up a fauna management plan (faunabeheerplan) and have it approved by the province.

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What is a fauna management unit?

A fauna management unit (in Dutch) is a collaboration of:

  • hunters’ organisations
  • landowners
  • agricultural and horticultural organisations
  • organisations such as the Dutch forestry management agency Staatsbosbeheer and society for the preservation of nature in the Netherlands Natuurmonumenten
  • government

A fauna management unit is responsible for wildlife management for the province. Fauna management entails among others:

  • controlling animals that cause damage and nuisance
  • population management (ensuring that certain groups of wild animals do not grow too large)
  • count and monitor wild animals

Each province has at least 1 active fauna management unit

Draw up a fauna management plan

A fauna management unit has to draw up a fauna management plan (also called wildlife management plan) (in Dutch) for each animal species or group of animal species. In the fauna management plan you state:

  • how many animals there are
  • if their number increases or decreases
  • the damage the animal species causes
  • the measures you will take to control or prevent damage

You have to submit the fauna management plan to the province. The province has to approve the plan. Before you submit the fauna management plan you have to discuss it with the wildlife management unit that will execute the plan. A fauna management plan is valid for 6 years. After 6 years, you can extend the fauna management plan for a maximum of 6 years.

Disclose the fauna management plan

If the province has approved the fauna management plan, you have to make it public. You must also submit a report to the province each year on the implementation of the plan. You must also publicly disclose this plan.

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