Health and Safety Plan for construction projects

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO

Do you want to start a construction project that may involve safety risks? You must draw up a Health and Safety Plan (V&G-plan, veiligheids- en gezondheidsplan). This plan explains how the building supervisor, the main contractor and subcontractors can ensure a safe working environment for workers at a construction site or project.

When do you have to draw up a Health and Safety Plan?

In the Netherlands, you have to draw up a Health and Safety Plan for:

What is in a Health and Safety Plan?

A Health and Safety Plan lays down agreements with regard to health and safety. It must for instance describe which party is responsible for safety in which phase of the project. The Health and Safety Plan must contain a risk inventory and evaluation(RI&E) of the planned project activities. Company emergency response measures are also part of the Health and Safety Plan.

When drawing up your Health and Safety Plan, you can use the (Dutch-language) Health and Safety Planner(V&G-Planner) as a template. For an overview of what a Health and Safety Plan for a construction project should contain, you can consult Article 2.28 of the Working Conditions Decree.

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