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Hoisting and lifting machines

This information is provided by: Netherlands Enterprise Agency

If your employees work with hoisting and lifting machines, you must meet the requirements of the Working Conditions Decree (Arbeidsomstandighedenbesluit), which include the following:

  • Hoisting and lifting machines must be approved before they are used for the first time, and subsequently on an annual basis.
  • Each proof of approval must be available at the work site.
  • Operators of hoisting and lifting machines must be sufficiently skilled to operate them. To operate mobile (tower) cranes with a capacity of 10 Ton Meter or more, your employees need a certificate of professional competence. Foreign crane operators who work in the Netherlands need a certificate from the Foundation Supervising the Certification of Vertical TransportExternal link (TCVT).
  • Hoisting and lifting machines that are intended for moving goods must not be used to transport people.
  • The maximum permissible load must be clearly indicated on the machines.
  • Weights in excess of the maximum permissible load must not be lifted, except in a test situation to determine whether the machine is in proper working order.

This information is provided by:

Netherlands Enterprise Agency